The greens are closed for the 2022 season, winter tickets are in use, instructions for guest players

Due to the suddenly cold weather next week, the greens were aerated this week. Aeration of the greens must be done before longer periods of frost, so that it can be done before the ground freezes. The purpose of aeration is to ensure that water does not remain on the surface of the green, but permeates the green. In this way, the aim is to prevent e.g. formation of ice burn during winter.

Playing is still possible for winter tickets. Those entitled to play can book appointments normally and confirm their booking in the application. Guest players play either with game tickets or autumn green fees, which are left with the name, departure time (date and time) in the mailbox at the end of the club. The autumn green fee is paid directly to the reservation system when booking.

If you have booked an appointment without payment, pay the green fee in Hyvigolf's online store.